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As a younger man, everything usually goes well, but there are evenings when something goes wrong. It’s unfortunate. You’re embarrassed but there’s nothing you can do about it. The next time, everything is back to normal. One failure does not mean there’s a serious problem. But should the failures become more consistent, that’s the time to worry.

"Weekend pill" or once-daily Cialis?

There are three drugs currently on the market for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The one that arrived and made the biggest impression was Cialis. Within a few months, the word of mouth was already calling it the "weekend pill". Put simply, the single pill you take on Friday night is still in the bloodstream and giving you sexual performance on Sunday morning. There’s no other drug on the market offering you thirty-six hours of effectiveness for the price of a single pill.

But, of course, the advantages of this treatment for erectile dysfunction do not stop with the one-pill-as-needed regime. There’s also the once-daily version of the pill. For the man in a steady relationship who wants to be spontaneous, taking one pill a day gives the freedom to have sex whenever and wherever the opportunity arises. None of the other drugs offer this freedom. More importantly, the once-daily version is priced to make it the same as the as-needed version (assuming one use per week).

As always with a prescription-only drug, you should always have the problem properly diagnosed to ensure you treat not only the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but the underlying cause. You want to stay healthy long enough to enjoy the sex. So always have a full check-up before starting any treatment with a new drug, particularly one like Cialis.


Santa Fe, New Mexico USA (PRWEB) September 13, 2014

Interest in Marcel Marceau, the world’s greatest mime, has been reignited as the 7th anniversary of his death approaches on September 22nd. Marcel Marceau, with his alter-ego Bip, demonstrated the power of silence, enchanting audiences around the world without uttering a word.

Surprising revelations about Marceau’s past and his love life are revealed for the first time in a new book by Paulette Frankl, “Marcel & Me: A Memoir of Love, Lust, and Illusion” (

For example, most people don’t know that Marcel’s real name is Marcel Mangel. He changed his name from Mangel to Marceau after his father was sent to Auschwitz, and was a war hero in the French Underground who saved countless Jewish children during WWII. Posing as a Scout leader, he marched them out of France and to safety in Switzerland.

In her steamy memoir, author and artist Paulette Frankl pulls back the curtain and candidly shares her story about passion, sex, show biz and the complexities of her 36-year love affair with Marceau. “Marcel & Me” is the tale of what happens when a young divorcee meets a seasoned superstar and accepts his invitation to join him on a one-week blind date.

“His audiences loved him as a performing artist,” Frankl said. “His fans will now come to know him as a man.”

“Marcel & Me” is available as a print book and e-book at Amazon ( and Barnes & Noble.

Paulette Frankl is the author of Marcel & Me ( and daughter of world-renowned Art Deco designer Paul T. Frankl, creator of Sky Scraper furniture. She has worked as a portrait artist, fine artist, a photojournalist and a courtroom sketch artist. Her courtroom art has appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox TV, and has taken her all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Frankl has also been a working magician in Las Vegas. Her first book, Lust for Justice: The Radical Life and Law of J. Tony Serra, has been on Amazon’s e-book bestseller list for over three years.

Contact: Paulette Frankl

505-820-6280 or 505-603-3260

Santa Fe, NM


Author available for interview at short notice.

SOURCE Lightning Rod Publications

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Eagan, MN (PRWEB) August 23, 2014

Midwest ENERGY Association (MEA) is proud to announce that six (6) energy delivery companies have received Accident Prevention Awards. This award is presented to MEA member companies having the lowest days restricted or transferred (DART) incidents during 2013. Congratulations to these companies for their outstanding safety records.

The 2014 Accident Prevention Award winners:

    Ameren Illinois Company, Decatur, IL
    Austin Utilities, Austin, MN
    City of Fort Morgan, Fort Morgan, CO
    ComEd – An Exelon Company, Oakbrook, IL
    Hutchinson Utilities Commission, Hutchinson, MN
    We Energies, Milwaukee, WI

About MEA:

MEA serves the people that deliver electricity and natural gas to homes and business. MEA (Midwest ENERGY Association) was founded as a trade association over 100 years ago by distribution utilities, whose vision was to improve safety and efficiency. Today, energy delivery companies around the globe benefit from MEA’s industry learning seminars, operations summits, and other events. Members collaborated to develop EnergyU, the world’s premier online training and testing system for energy delivery companies.

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The Loneliness Cure – A Guidebook To Life Tips To Stop The Pain!
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The Loneliness Cure – A Guidebook To Life Tips To Stop The Pain!


Those relationship issues not appear to disappear. Why is the fact that? Is it potential which issues are a by-product of the relationship?

What is a condition anyway? It is a certain thing, or condition you are not prepared to accept because it is very. You wish To change it.

What do you need from a relationship? What is a relationship without issues?

There is not any relationship without issues! There is not any existence without difficulties! For the cause which you usually like to change; change ourselves, others, condition. Life is change!

The bottom line is we’ll constantly have difficulties. Deal with it! Understand from it! Laugh at it! Create issues a ally! Change a perception of the difficulties.

Don’t worry them: worry creates resistance. What you resist usually persevere. Love them. Love changes. To love is to recognize plus accept.

What you are searching for is constantly right here, at the moment. We don’t wish To accept it; you choose to anticipate it. (smile)

Over 90% of all failed relationships result from a deficiency of honest correspondence plus awareness. Awareness is a key to an honest correspondence.

Thus, a relationship is a partnership, a companionship where individuals will help every different inside lifetime, being totally aware which they are getting into it from standard need – survival. Just then true intimacy plus honesty may take region inside a relationship.

Starting a relationship with all the belief it is for the sake of (emotional) love manifests expectations, that will not be met. On the other hand, being aware of the true motives plus performing on them with humbleness may create moments of unconditional love.

We require a true friend!

“A true friend knows the weaknesses however, shows we a strengths; feels the worries however, fortifies a faith; sees a anxieties yet frees the spirit; recognizes a disabilities however emphasizes a possibilities.”
–William Arthur Ward

I’m undoubtedly no expert consultant, however I’ve been inside a some relationships before plus here are really a few of the most commonly known issues confronted inside many relationships based about my experience. Blog:…
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